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Trafindo Distribution Transformer

Distribution transformer or B2 transformer / medium voltage transformer is a transformer that distributes voltage systems in Indonesia with a standard input of 20 KV but we can make with special specs 3 KV, 6 KV, 11 KV, etc., output 400 Volt, 1/3 Ph, Freq 50/60 Hz, with copper / CU or aluminum / AL material, with PLN standard area code. With D3 / SPLN 2007 standard and SPLN 97.50, IEC. Onan or dry transformer. The voltage transfer system (Tap Changer) at 2.5% -5% -10% is carried out by TapChanger operation which is moved outside the tank with the transformer in an off load condition.

We provide routine tests:

  • Test Ratio

  • Insulation Test

  • Iron Losses Test

  • Copper Losses Test

  • Impedance Test

  • Resistance Winding

  • Dielectric Test

  • Overvoltage Test